A Little Bliss in Every Bite

Dig into our delicious casseroles. Cakes by Debbie in Westpoint, Georgia, also offers tasty pot pies to satisfy your hunger. Our overall entrée is priced at $10 to $30. Daily and weekly specials are listed on our Facebook™ page.

One Pot Wonders
Our casseroles are priced at $13.95 for 3 to 4 servings and $27.95 for 6 to 8 servings. We also offer chicken pot pie, beef pot pie, Shepherd's pie, and chicken alfredo. Other casserole dishes offered include:

• Poppy Seed Chicken: A family favorite, this dish is white meat cooked in creamy sauce, peppered
  with poppy seeds, and topped with buttery crackers on a bed of white rice.
• Mazetti: A delicious blend of ground chuck, egg noodles, mushroom soup, and seasonings.
• Chicken Tetrazzini: This dish is a mix of chicken and pasta, which is a favorite of our owner's
  husband. It is made with white meat chicken, pasta, and sliced mushroom in creamy sauce.
• Baked Ziti Supreme: The ultimate comfort food, this dish is made of ground beef, mozzarella cheese,
  ziti pasta mixed in a rich Italian sauce.
• King Ranch Chicken Mac and Cheese: A jacked up version of mac and cheese. Along with mac and
  cheese, it is made with diced chicken, tomatoes, and green chilies.
• Breakfast Casserole: The perfect way to start the day. This dish is made of a blend of bacon,
  sausage, hash brown potatoes, cheese, and eggs seasoned just right. 
Mac and Cheese

Slide on the Sides
Complete your casserole dish with our side dishes. Large side dishes are priced at $25.95, while small side dishes are priced at $11.95. Take a pick from:

• Sweet Potato Casserole • Squash Casserole • Green Bean Casserole • Macaroni and Cheese